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Dad Workshop

Hi Dad, good to see you! (If you are a mom - it can be a perfect gift for Father's Day!)

Join a Zoom call with me where we talk about how you can support your partner while she is breastfeeding, why it is good and important, and why you are the key to a successful breastfeeding journey!
You will get ideas on how to bond with your baby without a bottle or a pacifier, and be a fun and responsible dad at the same time!

I give you tips for preparing to birth, early days, and later stages. Tell you how breastfeeding works (promise that I only give the nice details!), and how you can rock as a breastfeeding dad.
You can ask about feeding, tummy time, and even about a Nappy change! 

If you are a dad or soon-to-be dad, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how essential you are and what is going to happen with your family.

Price: £25pp - includes an information sheet and a beer!

How to sign up?
Just send me a message here

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