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Breastfeeding Workshop

Breastfeeding classes for expecting and fresh parents

Approx. 2 hrs
Online or personal - whatever you like!

What's covered:
- The first couple days after delivery (what to expect, what is normal, how your body works...)
- Everything about breasts: how are they working, how the size or shape affects breastfeeding
- Types of breastmilk
- How do I know if my baby is hungry/full?
- Common mistakes and myths and handy facts
- How breastfeeding works in reality
- Videos about a good, deep latch
- Positions
- Mom's diet
- Expressing, massage, and storage
- Useful equipment list
... and many more:)

How to sign up?
Send me a message here.

Fee: £25pp or Bring 2friends for 2+1!

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