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Tailored 1 on 1 Support

Breastfeeding is the most wonderful thing after childbirth. 
But it's not easy. Many people think it is something that comes instantly - but let's say it out,  it's not working like that. 

If you have a newborn baby and feel lost, or you are experiencing pain, I am here to help. 
If your baby doesn't gain weight or you'd like to pump frequently, I can help. 

Had mastitis, blocked duct, or did your baby have tongue-tie? Raise your questions to me here, and work towards your goals together!

Price: £43/ hr or £85 for a full-time session (which means if we work together for 3 hours, then it's 3 hours. No rush. )
What's important: When you contact me, I'll always give you the cheaper option. It's always depending on the issue that you have, but for assessing the work I might need more information what you'd think.)
Price includes free online follow-up and detailed written report. 

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