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Weaning Workshop

Are you breastfeeding but wondering if your baby is ready for solids?
Thinking about baby-led weaning?
Concerned about allergies and menus?
Does weaning mean your baby is off the boob, or can you still breastfeed him?
Try to avoid fussiness and would like to offer healthy meals?
Puree or BLW?
Curious about the newest trends and health guidelines?

I know, so many questions! That's why I thought a class could cover all the frequently asked questions.

The course is via Zoom, and it's £25pp - but bring two friends for a 2+1 option!

This course is for formula-fed babies as well, so don't hesitate to invite your friends even if they are using bottles or formula!
You'll get a food-introducing planner - where you can plan and follow your route.

How to sign up?

Send me a message here

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