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Breastfeeding Support 

Vivien David-Makai, Certified Lactation Counselor

About Me

Hello there, 

I am Vivien, a certified lactation counselor based in Eastbourne. 

I moved to the UK in September 2021.
Before that, I helped families in Hungary to reach their breastfeeding goals and understand why breastfeeding is the best gift that we can give to our babies.​
I am a member of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain (LCGB) and planning to have more free support available across Eastbourne.

I can help with common problems, such as sleep issues, nursing strikes, mastitis, or cluster feeding.

However, if you need help with more complicated issues, such as low supply, slow weight gain, painful breastfeeding,

or your baby is premature, sick or can't latch, I am here to help as well.

Breastfeeding support means I can help if you are planning to exclusive breastfeeding, combi-feeding, exclusive pumping or relactating - whatever your goal is, I am happy to support you!

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Breastfeeding workshop

Are you expecting or a fresh mum? This class is for you - the 2 hours course gives you all the information to breastfeed your little one successfully.

1 on 1 tailored support

Do you need more support? Breastfeeding is painful, you are worried about your supply or your baby has problems with his weight gain? Choose this option for instant help!

Weaning workshop

Introducing solids is tough - but it does not end your breastfeeding journey.
Book a class to learn how to make weaning easy and enjoyable!

Dad workshop

How can you bond with your baby without a bottle?
Is there any method to help your partner to achieve her breastfeeding goals?
Let's find out together what feels right for you!

Online Quickfix/ Breastfeeding trauma counselling

Painful latch, cracked nipples, strike or any mom worry?
Book an 1-hour slot with me to fix any of your issues!

Feel you need to talk about your experience? This option is for you.

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events - online and in Eastbourne

Client reviews
More on Facebook

Vivien’s 1 to 1 consultation completely changed my breastfeeding journey for the better. She made me feel reassured, confident, and at ease with my options. She was so knowledgeable and helped me achieve my goal almost immediately. Thank you!
I, mom of 1.

Partnerships and Discounts

Sunrise Birth Photography

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Tots Play Eastbourne

Grab your 10% off the Tots Play Eastbourne Baby Development Course 
You will get your code after we worked together
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Mini First Aid Sussex

10% off from the Home Proofing Class with Mini First Aid Sussex 
- Ask for your code when we meet!
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